BYKJERNEN (more coming soon)

This page is going to be a little bit of many things from when I was a brand designer and content creator for an upcoming brand that owns restaurants and bars in Oslo. 

Picture me behind the bar mixing cocktails, music blasting, sitting with my laptop creating websites, menus and playing the role of a social media manager – all in a day’s work. I even took delicious pictures of food and drinks for digital marketing. This diverse selection is a happy representation of a time I was multitasking like a pro.

CLIENTS: Pauls Boutique / Papirfly / Bakt Kulturhuset / Reko Deli / Smash House / Vespa Og Humla / Essa Norstrand
SCOPE: Brand Designer  / Content Creator / Bartender

A dude who likes to THINK smart and dumb things 
A dude who likes to CRAFT smart and dumb things